Who We Are

We are a team of academics, psychologists and neuroscientists who specialise in the psychology of the gamer. There are not many psychologists who specialise in the area of Cyberpsychology and even fewer (we can literally think of a handful globally!) who specialise in the video games industry- here at Cyberpsychologist we are lucky as we know and work with most of them. We have a bank of academics who work on various projects from player research to developing robust psychometric gamer measurements for developers across the industry.

We work with some of the world's biggest games developers and publishers, unpicking the psychology of the player experience and applying this to game development. By incorporating user research and applying the psychology of the player to the various stages of the development process from concept to finished product Cyberpsychologist is at the cutting edge of the applied sciences.

All of the solutions we provide for developers are evidenced by science, utilising player psychology to understand and enhance the player experience and to advice on design and development decisions that make a difference to the player experience. We focus on the science of fun and the techniques we use are wide and varied, from psychometric assessments to biometrics. Let us understand the challenges and opportunities that you have and thus help you understand the player experience for the best possible engaging experience. Engaged players will spend more time on your game, recommend it more often and spend more money.

By understanding human behaviour and emotion elicited by various game design and development strategy, developers can enhance player loyalty and immersion in game play. All the results we deliver and analyse are based on sound scientific valid research, allowing the developer an objective solution to add to the development process.

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