I am always happy to spread the word about mine and my colleagues' work at Cyberpsychologist and how developers and designers can use Cyberpsychology to get closer to their gamers and deliver outstanding gaming experiences. Please get in touch if you would like me to speak at any of your events, I will always try to fit talks in if I can. My talks are always well received and I have had lots of complimentary follow up comments from the audience, including Activision, Mind Candy, Boss Alien, Rare, Sony and Microsoft among others - here are some examples of the comments I have received:

Thanks for your presentation this morning, it was fascinating and something that I feel should be built into all future marketing campaigns.

Just wanted to let you know how interesting I found your talk today.

Great talk. Really enjoying it, fascinating and I can see direct applications to what we are doing.

That was a great talk, very useful and insightful; I can see how we can use some of this stuff to push us forward, even give us the edge. We clearly have a space that needs to be filled using psychology to help us really understand the gamer.

Drop me a line or give me a call if you want me to talk at one of your events.