I am passionate about Cyberpsychology and enjoy sharing my knowledge with psychology students, game designers and developer students as well as marketing and media students interested in (not necessarily exclusively) the video game industry.

Because the breadth of Cyberpsychology is so vast I can also lecture around other aspects of this discipline that I have studied and researched, including social media, emerging technologies, the internet, mobile phone and computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, as well as any other technology, which impacts on and changes human behaviour.

Cyberpsychologist engages in lots of guest lecturing and teaching students about Cyberpsychology, a discipline that's importance to academia cannot be underestimated. Sadly in the UK there are no courses that offer post graduate study in Cyberpsychology (I was granted my masters at the Institute of Art and Design Technology in Ireland), therefore guest lecturing is one way to address this void, ensuring that at least students understand the intricacies of this subject, the methodologies to use and as a way to inspire much needed research in this area.