We work with video game developers and publishers, advising them about the wealth of psychological research available around video game play and how this can help inform them how to increase their competitiveness in terms of the experience for the player, increasing immersion and engagement. Research around the motivational models for desire for continuation to play or understanding the uncanny valley and character attachment are just a few examples of the research psychologists and other scientists have conducted within video games that can be used and applied to the development process of a game.

This research and understanding can sometimes be a sanity check in the development process, as it allows an insight into the psychology and mind of the gamer. Furthermore, by developing robust proprietary psychological research tools, Developers can understand the behaviour of the gamer; how the gamer relates to their game from a psychological perspective and how that translates to the design and development of the game.

Using psychology can also enhance business models such as Games as a Service (Gaas) and understanding the gamers' perception of free to play (F2P) models for example.

We can work on bespoke projects at any stage of the development process, providing scientifically robust advice and research that can help the impact of your games or products. By understanding the motivation of gaming and game play and the user experience as well as figuring out disengagement and what these psychological triggers are, we can help the development process in a truly unique way.

Each developer and publisher has challenges and opportunities that are unique and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver high quality workable consultation solutions designed specifically for the projects requirements. Please get in touch for a discussion on how we can help.